There are a lot of outdoor games that can provide loads of fun. For example, golf is extremely fun to play and watch and it is not one of the most expensive and popular sports in the world without a reason. However, it is usually not available to people we call regular guys, who then opt for mini golf or some other substitute activity they will have fun doing outdoors. There is a great new game out there, intended to provide you lots of hours of multiplayer fun – ladder golf!

The advantage of ladder golf in comparison to real golf and other outdoor games is that it is not expensive at all and can provide hours and hours of quality spent time with your family and friends. You don’t even have to buy an official set, you can decide for a homemade ladder ball and start enjoying this great game. There are just a couple of things you need to prepare your own homemade hillbilly golf game. The first thing you will want is a ladder, which you can also make yourself, and the other essential part for playing are ladder golf bolas, which are used instead of golf sticks in this game.

The goal of the ladder golf game is to toss a bola on the ladder, with the aim of it hanging on one of the three steps the ladder has. For this, you get certain points in accordance to the rules, and the winner is the first one with 21 points. In case you still don’t know what a bola is, we are here to remind you that it’s basically two golf balls connected with a rope, and this is the thing you need to throw onto the ladder steps in order to win in ladder golf. If you are making your own ladder toss, then you will want to do it right and make those bolas the way they should be made, in order to have the ultimate game experience This is why we present you the how to make ladder ball bolas instruction.



Preparing the materials for how to build ladder ball balls. Considering the fact that at least two players need to play ladder golf, and each of them needs a set of 3 bolas for a round, you will need to make at least 6 bolas. This is why you need to purchase at least 12 golf balls (2 for each bola), and you will also need somewhere around 25 feet of ¼” nylon rope. Besides this, you will need a drill and knowledge on how to operate with it. Be careful, don’t play with any tools you don’t know how to work with since you can get seriously injured. Instead, look for someone who knows how to operate the drill to help you.

We also have a little advice for you. When you’re acquiring golf balls to make you bolas, make sure you don’t buy ones who have a center that’s liquid but buy the golf balls with the center that’s not liquid. The simple way to do this is to ask the guy at the sports store where you plan on acquiring golf balls, he will surely help you and find you the ones you need for your ultimate ladder golf experience. Ok, let’s move on to the next step of how to make ladder golf bolas.


Step 2

This might be the hardest step and the toughest thing to do when you decide for a ladder golf make your own. The catch is that you will need a hole through the center of a golf ball, but you need it to be perfectly positioned and drilled. You can use a vise, a metal tool with movable jaws made to firmly hold objects. In this case, you will use it to hold down the golf balls while you are drilling a hole in golf balls.


Step 5

Be careful not to move or adjust the vise during this step of the build your own ladder ball instruction, since you certainly do not want your golf ball to move or spin, as you will finally be drilling a hole. Arm yourself with patience here, as this is the process you need to repeat with every ball you have. Let us remind you that for one bola you need two golf balls, and you need at least six bolas, which means you need to drill through 12 golf balls.

Next step in our ladder ball DIY use the drill to carefully make a hole that will have one-inch diameter. Make sure you practically have two holes in each golf ball, one on every side, as you will need the rope to go through them afterward. Smile, you are getting closer to finishing how to build ladder ball tutorial.

We don’t have to mention that you need to do this step carefully. After all, you know you can’t pay too much attention when operating a drill. Please make sure to avoid any contact with it while it’s working, as you might get serious injuries, and we don’t want that.


Step 4

Moving on to the next step in DIY ladder ball instruction manual. Since ladder golf is a multiplayer game, you will want the players participating to be able to clearly notice the difference between the bolas they play with and the bolas their opponent is playing with. In order to make this happen, our suggestion is to paint your bolas in different colors, you would have one set of 3 bolas (since each player needs 3 bolas for every round) in one color, and the other set(s) in different color(s). This way everything is very clear when you are playing, and you avoid any possibility of a discussion or a fight happening between the participants on the subject of who threw which bola. Besides that, colored bolas are also way more appealing to the eye and improve your game experience.

You will want to make sure to do two things in this step. Use the appropriate paint for the bolas, and let them dry once you finished painting them, otherwise, you are just in for a smear surprise and you’re going to have to repeat the painting process all over again.


Step 5

Once you successfully drilled at least 12 golf balls, you want to put the rope through two balls in order to make a ladder golf bola. We suggest you use nylon rope, this material has all the characteristics for a rope to go through golf balls you will need. Once you have put two balls through the rope, you need to tie knots at both ends of the rope, to make sure that your golf balls won’t fall from the rope once you are playing. Make sure the distance from the outsides of two golf balls is about 20 inches, it is the suggested length that will allow you maximum fun when you are playing. Once you tied the knots on both ends, you are ready for the next step.


Step 6

As you can see, the rope’s edges are fraying, and this is something you will want to prevent from happening further in order to have properly made ladder golf bolas. This is a place where you should use your lighter, with its flame you can easily melt rope’s edges, which would restrain the rope from fraying any further. We needn’t mention that you must be serious when using the lighter, you don’t want to burn your fingers or make some other kind of problem.


Step 7

Way to go! You have successfully completed how to make ladder golf balls instruction manual for making ladder golf bolas. Now you’re ready for playing this attractive game. Make sure you have everything installed and in place. The ladder should be properly assembled, players should move away 15 feet (or at the distance agreed) and the game of ladder toss can start!

Don’t forget, if there are more than two players interested in playing, you can divide into teams, which will make the game more fun. Although, you might need extra sets of bolas in this case, but now that you’ve learned how to make them, it won’t be a problem for you to do it. Also, if you want to increase your chances to win while playing, do not hesitate to distract your opponent by talking and making sounds when it’s his move, and try to knock off his bolas off the ladder if you are playing second.