You can always hear adults complaining about how their children are so connected to the computer that they don’t move away ever, even for eating, God forbid he or she goes out to play. Today, children are all about texting, Skyping and what not, and it’s getting harder and harder to find a creative way to entice them to spend some time outdoors, let alone a creative way to have real fun. Truth is, adults are not that different, they would rather watch that new show on TV than spend a couple of days in their backyard, even if it’s a beautiful, sunny day outside.

However, sometimes you do want to have your mates around for a summer party, or you plan on organizing a barbecue for your family and neighbors. As an organizer, you also need to provide ways to have fun. One of the creative ways that will guarantee loads of outdoor fun is hillbilly golf. So, in case you are planning a summer party, get one of those hillbilly golf sets – it is more than affordable, and it will be a great way to spend a great time with your family and friends. Hell, you don’t even have to buy any official set, you can just get all the pieces of equipment you need and build a hillbilly golf set by yourself. Don’t worry, we are here for you, this is why we have prepared the instructions on how to build ladder golf.


Diy ladder golf materials

First, let’s see what materials you’re going to need for this venture. You need to make sure you obtain ¾” PVC pipe. In case you want to make one ladder, you should have 18 feet of PVC pipe, and if you want two ladders (which would make a hillbilly golf set) then you need to double these measures. All measures given for the ladders in these instructions are intended for making one ladder, so if you want two of them, you also need to double them. Ok, moving along. You will also need two PVC degree elbows and six PVC tees (¾” PVC, of course). Also, make sure to have a PVC pipe cutter, and it is a good idea to have the glue, although this item is not mandatory. In order to build ladder golf completely, you will also need nylon rope and at least 12 golf balls to make bolas, a vise, a drill press and a lighter. Once you have prepared all your materials, let’s start making DIY ladder golf.


Diy ladder golf-step1

STEP 1. Logically, our first step in this tutorial will be making the ladders for the game. First, you will need to use the PVC pipe cutter to cut PVC pipe into exactly five pieces with a length of two feet and eight pieces that will be one foot long. A reminder once again, these dimensions are given for one ladder, so if you are building two ladders, double these measures.


Diy ladder golf-step2

STEP 2. In order to make homemade ladder golf a nicer and a more colorful experience, use the spray paint you bought to paint the pipe steps you prepared in the first step. You can choose whichever color you like, and even use multiple colors, just make sure that the paint you use is compatible with plastic, in order for it to last because you don’t want to see that your bolas are losing color once you start playing.


Diy ladder golf-step3

STEP 3. You need to wait for the paint to dry before starting to assemble the ladder, in order to not smear your hands and ruin the painting you have done. Once you are sure they are dry, start assembling it by connecting two of the 90-degree brackets to both sides of your top step. This shouldn’t be hard. Next step in how to make ladder golf is to attach a 1’ piece to the ends of 90 degrees brackets, and then connect a PVC tee to those pieces and move on with constructing your steps downward. Once you have connected the last remaining tee, take the 2’ piece and use it as the back of the ladders you are making. This way you ensure bolos won’t turn it over when you are playing and ruin your game experience.


Diy ladder golf-step4

STEP 4. This step is an optional one in the instruction manual, and it depends on whether you are planning on transporting the ladders. If you want, you can glue the ladder together with the glue you have bought, but you can also leave it unglued, which would make it possible to disassemble it and easier to move it around. In case, you plan on making some kind of a portable ladder golf than it’s better not to glue things up together. Even if you’re not transporting, but you are armed with patience, we suggest that you assemble and disassemble your ladders every time, as this way it is much easier to storage them. It doesn’t take longer than a couple of minutes to get them set up, so it won’t be much of a trouble when you have the wish to play again.


STEP 5. That’s it! You have successfully finished how to make ladder toss. All you have to do now is to invite your family and friends and start having loads of fun!